Thursday, May 31, 2012

Twenty 2


Where I occasionally go out for a good meal, it is even more rare that I treat myself to a drink.  I went out to the little bar poolside at the Shiretown Inn in Houlton.  They have the indoor pool, a little bar, and a pool table.

It is there I was introduced to Twenty 2.  Twenty 2 is distilled in Houlton, and my bartender was very proud of this fact.  I had it with cranberry juice, and was so impressed with the combo I had to have some straight on the rocks to confirm my thoughts. 

Well she should be proud of the hometown advantage.  This is a very clean vodka.  Their website speaks of their goal of a neutral vodka.  They succeed nicely.  It is like drinking water with an alcohol burn. 

The website also talks about it being a blank canvas.  I would want to pair this with concentrated flavors--to minimize dilution.  My favorite way to drink this is straight on the rocks.

With a vodka like this, you can understand why people would drink straight vodka.

So I raise a glass to Twenty 2. 

Be seeing you.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


As always when I change my banner I add the new pic here.  It is a sunny Milo day.  It really feels like summer.  April was a little crazy up here this year.  It really felt like winter was never going to end. 

But now, as we are staring into June, and the sun has come out of a wet, dreary day, you can truly feel the summer season upon us. 

Now after talking about Milo, I need to talk about the change in banner.  This is the seating/play area at Tasty Food in Van Buren.  I plan to talk more in detail about this place, so I won't spill the beans now.  Tasty Food is a roadside stand and the day I took this was just as nice as today. 

I might change this again soon if I take a better banner picture.  But this represents the sunny days we are having lately. 

It just warms the heart.

A process note: the "location" portion of my blog is the location of the photo(s) or topic.  A lot of times I am blogging about something days or weeks later, oftentimes not in the location I am blogging about.  Today is case in point.  I am blogging from my couch at home, far away from Tasty Food.

But my hubby cooks tasty food, too.  It is good to be home for a spell.

Be seeing you.

Some Pig

One of my rewards for going to Aroostook County is I can buy food from the Rib Truck.  Nothing makes me happier when I see the familiar sign above on the side of the road.  I had the pleasure my last trip to Caribou to catch them twice. 

So what about the Rib Truck makes me so happy?

The Rib Truck serves ribs, chicken breast, pulled pork, and barbeque beans.  They combine the pulled pork and beans in a container called the "pork parfait," great for eating on the go.  Otherwise, it is great food to bring home to the loved ones. 

The owners are very friendly and they park their truck out rain or shine.  I was heading home from the county on New Years Day and was able to bring home some pulled pork and beans.  There they were in Marden's parking lot in Presque Isle in the cold selling their wares.  Now that is dedication.

I always buy too much if I am on my way home.  It never goes to waste, though.  My husband and I eat some and we share some with the family.  It is too good not to share.

Above is the chicken and beans from the truck I had for dinner.  Tasty food.

But that is a topic for another blog post. 

Please like them on facebook.  Especially if you want to know where they will be.  They post their location there.

Monday, April 16, 2012

A photo

I have been quiet of late.  So here is the counter at Theresa's Cafe in Presque Isle.  It is a bright, friendly place.  I got some good soup there.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

Easter morning greeted me with snow.

Then you wonder why we have until May 1st for our studded tires. 

I was glad for them yesterday.

Be seeing you.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I was in Farmington last Sunday.  I ran into Java Joe's for coffee and to buy a sandwich for lunch. 

There are two Dunkin Donuts in town.  But how can you go to Dunkin Donuts when you can go to a place that looks like this.  Farmington is a college town.  Java Joe's reflects this. 

Speaking of college influenced, my favorite hippy-dippy shop is Liquid Sunshine.  Anytime I get a dress from there it is redolent of incense.  There is silver jewelry, hemp, beads, funky shoes and more.

The whole block looks neat.  UMF (University of Maine at Farmington) is walking distance from here, right in downtown Farmington.

Let me leave you with a restoration in progress.

Be seeing you.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Binga's Wingas

On my drive home from Connecticut, both my car and myself were getting hungry.  I tried to make it to Freeport, but I made it just shy to the town of Yarmouth.  After gassing up, I noticed this sign across the street.

I went in and found out that Binga's Wingas was a bar that sold wings.

As I was on the road, I ordered a Capt'n Eli's Root Beer.  Capt'n Eli's is made by Shipyard Brewing Company out of Portland.  It is okay, but I prefer the spicier Sea Dog Root Beer.  It is a good, solid brew though. 

There is an amazing assortment of sauces for wings or tenders.

I ordered the Spicy Redneck Tenders.  The Redneck is described as buffalo and maple.  This came off as a spicy-hot maple more than a buffalo-maple, but that wasn't a bad thing.  The maple was a good foil to the heat.  My nose was running and I was glad for my root beer.

The people were friendly and I easily felt comfortable.  This would be a good place to return to for a pint or two.

Be seeing you.